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Why do 99% of our clients find a home in 1 afternoon? We get the listings before they go on the commercial sites because Realtors generate most of the ads for the commercial companies. Can Zillow show you rentals? No! Does Zillow have scams? You bet they do and who needs that! ( Our listings are 100% free of scams!)
Does Zillow try to save you money? NO     Do we? YES     
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  • Houses

  • Townhomes

  • Apartments-All Sizes

  • Condo's

  • Furnished Homes

  • Pet-Friendly YES!

  • Short Term Apartments (furn)

How we work :)

Eddie Edwards charges a flat fee for all of his services. $250 which is only due once we meet in person at my office and look at properties.
If you are Military Active Duty then you receive a discount of $50.00.
99% of the people we help find a home! But wait there's more! 
We start all appointments at 10AM. Eddie will meet with you in our comfortable offices looking at every possible home that might match your needs best. Once you decide which ones to look which on avg are about 3 we go that same day and look. If you get to this point you stand about a 99% chance of finding a home.
**Very Important to remember that you need a Realtor to see any property listed with a Real Estate firm. NEVER call the listing agent directly!!! The listing agent works for the owner and they cannot and will not represent you nor can they negotiate with you. If the home is overpriced we can help you assess that. Always have someone on YOUR side! It's just a smart thing to do!
* Other agents listed on may or may not charge a fee. You will need to ask for their policy in working for you.*

Eddie Edwards, Founder

The #1 Rated Agent in Northern VA for Leasing

Nothing less than 100%

We do a brief phone interview to get an idea of your needs. After that, we do the following.
  • Set you up on our free automated rental listing service.
  • Schedule a time and date to meet.
  • When we meet, we will do another search together.
  • We will then see the properties that same day.
  • Hand delivers all documents, negotiate and try to get the best price and terms we can for you.
  • We follow all CDC Guidelines for safety when showing.