Keep Your Deposit!

The Deposit Defender is a MUST have app at the time of move-in!

Just 4.99 

Deposit Defendar

Protect your security deposit from being used to pay for damage that you did not cause by thoroughly documenting your new move in with a fully customized inspection form complete with time/date stamped photographs and notes.

Even if your new landlord seems like the nicest person in the world you have to protect yourself and your security deposit unless you want that nice person to upgrade their property at your expense when you move out!


We recommend sending your landlord a copy of your inspection report when it is complete, so they know you are not going to accept responsibility for pre-existing damage.


Deposit Defender does not guarantee that you will not have problems getting your security deposit refunded from an unscrupulous landlord, but it will give you to tools you need to prevail in court!


Deposit Defender was created by a property manager with 20+ years of experience in all kinds of property management, it is full of helpful tips explaining exactly what you should be photographing and why.

jen bellis

December 16, 2020

LOVE THIS APP! This app is amazing for move in and out inspections every time you move! It takes photos of absolutely everything, offers a space to write notes about the condition of items, and walks you through things you wouldn't even think to take photos of when moving in. It helps me document every item of my new home to make sure I get the most of my security deposit when i move out, with dated photographic evidence that will hold up in court if I need it to.

Def recommend. 10 stars.